VAKARŲ BERŽAS UAB was established in 2014. The company is located near Radviliškis town in a beautiful village named Kauliniai.
Production facilities of the company occupy about 10 ha. The company has more than 40 employees.

The company is engaged in the production and marketing of EPAL pallets, standard and non-standard disposable pallets, pellets, briquettes, firewood and other fuels.

90 percent of firewood is exported to other countries. Most of the products are exported to England, Ireland, Norway and Germany. The company uses modern, specialized equipment for wood splitting, chipping, and drying.

In 2015 the company obtained a license for manufacture of EPAL pallets. VAKARŲ BERŽAS UAB license number is LT-009. In accordance with the requirements of ISPM 15, the products are dried in modern drying cabinets and marked with LT-006128.

We are able to meet all customer needs by producing not only EPAL pallets but also various other pallets according to the requirements and desires of our customers. VAKARŲ BERŽAS UAB is a young, modern, fast growing and developing manufacturer of EPAL pallets in the Baltic region seeking to satisfy a wide range of customer needs. The company manufactures certified EPAL pallets and guarantees accurate measurements of pallets and their elements.

Our automated production lines allow us to produce 150,000 pallets per month. The company also produces disposable, non-standard pallets. We believe that we are competitive, because we invest not only in the latest technologies (automated production lines and modern drying facilities), but also in our employees. Competitive price, high-standard production and timely delivery are the key factors leading to the success of our company.